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The longing to belong..

The Danish band Farven Fornem asked if I could make a collage video for the title-single ‘DNA’ from their newly released album, out on 26th of March, so just yesterday. Fresh from the pack!

The theme of the song is how we belong in the world. Where is our place and how to find it. Or at least that’s my interpretation of how Jeppe Siever, the man behind the mic and lyrics explained it to me. It is a dark song, it is in Danish, however I really think it can be understood across language barriers around the world. It has a universal sound and I think it is really worth checking out.

Here is the video, watch and listen for yourself…

The human touch

In a world where we long for authenticity I find myself being overwhelmed by the emotionless ‘acting’ of a doll. I haven’t heard this band before, I think they do a very good job with this song, because it is carried out to me by this fantastic video. Very touching and great cinematography!

An ex- and implosion of colors

The winner of the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short is here and it is really worth a look! I am amazed by the colors, the movements and the sounds fo the little water-‘creatures’. Everything about this short is fantastic except for the duration. I could watch this stuff go on forever, especially in a sunday haze.

Watch and see for yourself!

Not For Sale

I love flea markets, antique shops, garage sales and vintage in all shapes and forms! I basically just love everything pre-owned, ’cause it has a story, it has a past. I don’t see myself as a crazy collector, though the stuff I find or buy tend to fill up a lot of space from time to time, until I have my own garage sale or give-away stuff. This video I just found is about a man in Manhattan. His home is a wonderland for retro lovers. For years he has been collecting. Nothing is for sale though, but you are welcome to come in and admire his collection of stuff. Yes, stuff! – It’s the best way to describe it, because he has everything from old clocks to dolls to an aquarium to jewelry etc. etc. I will definitely try and find his place when I visit New York this spring.

Amazing place and amazing man with a BIG heart!


Made by Departure Arrival Films

The Rebellious Puppet

It’s been a while. I know.

Stumbled upon this video today, it is really amazing! I have always had a thing for animated stop motion. This one is cute, simple, yet very sophisticated and has a sense of humor. Right now, besides ‘normal’ work, I am working on a music video project. Going to shoot some of downtown ‘China Town’ here in San Francisco this upcoming weekend. Will be fun to see how that will turn out…. Stay tuned…



Some Things Never Change

The footage for this video was actually shot for a totally different purpose, but thought it might be fun to make something a little ‘christmassy’. So here it is, I hope you will enjoy it…..


This video I stumbled over is a trip to the Papermania annual roadshow in Hartford. It has no words, no interviews, no explanation. YET this is amazing, the shots are so compelling, the story tells itself accompanied by the perfect choice of song “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”. I would like to share it with you. Also check out some of the other vids this guy has, one where he films himself in the snow is very good! The tempo is just right and again the music matches perfectly. In my opinion at least. Enjoy:


Together with the artist Pabi and my friend Claudia Martin I made this film.

Everything happened so fast, Pabi and I had been talking about the idea for this video for a little while and when I needed new footage to try the new Final Cut Pro X, we had the perfect opportunity to create and we grabbed it.

We went to the 1 dollar shop and found all the toys and artefacts we thought could be fun to play with. We live next door to a boxing club, so we borrowed a stinky glove from there and went straight to the studio at SFAI to shoot the film in one of their installation rooms. We got some lights and it took us about an hour to get everything set and plan out the order of things. It was really lucky that Claudia had the time to get involved meanwhile she shot some amazing stills of the scene as well.

This was so much fun and we are already thinking about doing another, just waiting for Pabi’s hair to grow back…. :-)

Diving with Ray

I have never dived myself. My ears are too sensitive or something, cause I’ve always had a hard time releasing the pressure after flying or swimming.

SO…., I don’t know what it’s like to be under water, twirling around for hidden treasures like this extraordinary guy Ray, who I found on vimeo. This short documentary is not just amazing, it is absolutely AMAZING!

Everything, top to bottom, from the camera work, the story, Ray himself, the light, oh and don’t forget the underwater footage and the aerial views of the scene, wauvv!!! I just wonder how much money was spent on this production. Seems so simple in a way and working with a 5D myself, this just makes everything I try to capture, fade out in a ever darkening grey scale. Seriously, if using a tripod for every frame is the way to go, I think I might be heading that way!

Ray is a veteran diver, but not too old to have drinks with young ladies at the pub. Find yourself entertained and mesmerized by his incredible story right here:

The Underground Perspective

What would the world look like from an underground perspective? If the grounds we walk, drive, dance and roll on, were transparent and we had the chance to see ourselves from the bottom up, what would we then think about ourselves and the impression we give?

I stumbled upon this on vimeo. Video made for a project called ‘Under Vision Experiment’ or UND-VIS. The video’s perspective is from under ground, exploring the modern urban living. Inspirationally executed and the soundscape is simply amazing. I would have liked a narrative of some sort though, a storyline more than just showing off excellent editing skills. Leading up to the dramatic end, I miss the beginning and the middle (to use basic story-line terminology). But it IS interesting and definitely worth a click, which so many thousand others have already done.

Here ya go:




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